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Everglades Eden in Pictures

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Wonderful, Tireless Volunteers in Action Around Town

Am I late for dinner? Where's my dinner? They, too, need love and attention. This is Duke; his brother Errol is still very shy. Yes, I live here. We are so happy that dinner arrived on time. Thank you for coming with our dinner? It is so delicious. Isn't she an angel for bringing us food and water! Dinner is served, Tommy. Does this have to be my home now? Somebody just cannot wait. You wouldn't call this a home, would you? Dinner is being served. They all come running.
Tommy lives here. Do I deserve living like this? Let's give them a real home where they can live in peace. My friends call me Daisy and I also would love to have a real home.

Don't you think they deserve a home like you so all of us can live
in harmony and peace?


Welcome to Everglades Eden, the Miami Sanctuary

Wide open spaces will house our precious animals who found a sanctuary at Everglades Eden.
The animals are housed here with suitable companions. The area is furnished with natural foliage to add interest and security for the animals.


We grow tropical plants.


Aren't they a lovely pair?
They are Mia and Magic, part Siamese.
Both have been with us for six years.

10.08.03 Sponsor:

More are coming soon once Everglades Eden has been built.



Thank you for your visit
with the animals who were looking for a new home, found it in South Florida, and are now taken care of at
Everglades Eden

We invite you to visit Everglades Eden located at
(to be announced), Miami, FL 305-600-4655

Please help us take care of these animals at their new home with your contribution.

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