We grow our plants in a shade house where our precious givers of joy are protected from the South Florida sun,

Our plants are available for sale or rent.


  Dieffenbachia Tropic Marianne








   Philodendron Rojo Congo





   Schefflera Alpine Jr








 Alocasia Ebony







 Anthurium Pacora





 Snthurium Red Hesrt





 Anthurium Small Talk Pink





 Spathyphyllum Emerald Star (Peace Lilly)







 Areca Palm







 Spathoglottis Far Out Freckles Orchid






 Spathoglottis Mello Yellow Orchid






 Spathoglottis Grapette Orchid







 Spathoglottis Lemon Kiss Orchid





We bring you these beautiful tropical ornamental plants
for your enjoyment, peace-of-life living, and to help you improve your grand lifestyle.


(A Planned Charitable Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3) Animal Advocacy Organization)

Everglades Eden, Inc.
PO Box 558250, Miami, FL 33255
305-600-4655 305-600-1213 (Fax)

Please help us take care of these animals at their new home with your contribution.
Feline Eden Foundation is a planned charitable not-for-profit 501(c)(3) animal advocacy organization founded in 2010.
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